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SystemC is simply a C++ library. The syntax of SystemC is C++. To meet the requirement of using SystemC you would probably just place the C++ inside a SystemC SC_THREAD method. SystemC is easy to wrap around C or C++.

This is sounding more and more like you are doing homework for a class, which means you need to get educated. This forum is not a place to have us do your work for you.

First, go and learn C++. I don't mean minimal C++ either. SystemC uses plenty of advanced constructs of C++ including OO concepts, generic programming concepts and coding patterns. You have very little hope of being a successful SystemC coder if you don't know C++ well.

Second, take a class on SystemC or read a good book. Take time to do the examples and understand how it hangs together.

Shy of the above, find another field of endeavour.

In any case, please do not ask people to do your homework. We have enough on our plates as it is, and you will do your future employer no favor if you slide by with minimal SystemC skills.

Where to take a course? Try https://www.doulos.com/content/training/SysC_training.php (my employer)

Where to find a book? Try Amazon. I wrote a book (slightly dated: SystemC: From the Ground Up) that will get you started. Or search for others.

But a SystemC course or book will not help much until you become proficient at C++.

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By the way i opened this reference book and didn’t find it helpful at all, it’s very hard to learn from, and i am not asking someone to do my homework for me i am asking for help for solving the errors cause sometimes i don’t find a way to solve them! ,Or simple questions that would save time and of course I’m learning the language by practicing alot and trying as much as i can to read more and practice more

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