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Multi port sockets

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Hi Meenakshi,

I have no idea about multiple ports, initially I thought TLM is point to point protocol. Imerging from this concept my approach would be introducing a channel (sc_channel) in the middle to regulate transactions, then the targets will be connected to this channel by generating a port per target. there will be one b_transport in the channel to tackel initiator request and triggering multiple processes at the same time, each of them will be dealing with single port (i.e. calling single b_transport in each target).

I hope that helps.



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TLM is not a point to point protocol, at least not from a hardware model point of view. The C+ implementation requires point to point modeling, but the models may do as they like.

Clarification is need for the original question/request: Are you needing to do a broadcast using b_transport? Are your targets all operating with temporal displacement? If so, the solution is fairly easy.

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