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  1. Hi, I'm trying to achieve something like below: p0 multi sockets binds with t0 and t1 passthrough_sockets using b_transport call for both sockets. My transaction reaches target t0 but not t1. Could you please suggest something? Thanks Zubin
  2. Hi Arya, Thank you very much. I guess this will really help. --Zubin
  3. Hi, In the above code with passthrough_socket described by Philipp, if I use multi_passthrough_target_socket do I need to take care of any thing in particular? I suppose multi_passthrough_target_socket doesn't support multiple b_trransport method. Thanks, Zubin
  4. Hi, Thank you very much. It is quite useful for my application. --Zubin
  5. Thanks Alan. I guess C++ queue doesn't support all the Array manipulation methods which are there in SystemVerilog, like find_first_index, find_last_index. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks, --Zubin
  6. Hi, Does SystemC support queue like SystemVerilog? I want to create dynamic array in SystemC TLM2.0, can any one suggest a better way to do it? Thanks Zubin
  7. Yes that's exactly what I'm trying to build. Like if I call : p1->b_transport1(trans, delay); this doesn't work. But instead following works: p1->b_transport(trans, delay); Is this normal operation with b_transport method call. --Zubin
  8. Thanks Brian. I forgot to include the header file. Also, could you please tell me how to use my_b_transport method. As I have 4 sockets and I want to have four different b_transport for each. I tried to implement code which Philipp mentioned above. But, that doesn't work. Thanks Zubin
  9. Hi, I tried to implement the code similar to above, but I'm getting following error: qualified name is not allowed tlm_utils::passthrough_target_socket<Router, 32, my_protocol_types> t0; I tried using following: using tlm_utils::passthrough_target_socket<Router,32,my_protocol_types> t0; It says passthrough_target_socket is not a member. Is there any error in my coding style? Thanks --Zubin
  10. Hi, I'm newbie to SystemC TLM, coming from SystemVerilog UVM world. I would like to model our RTL in SystemC using TLM2.0 to speed up our Software Development process. Our RTL is not memory mapped bus architecture and we would like to use custom transaction class instead of generic payload. Is it possible to do that using TLM2.0? If yes, could you please provide me with an example. Also, I have four TLM ports communicating with each other in the same model. How does one b_transport method works with all four ports? Is it a good idea to make a model in SystemC rather than having it in SV UVM? Thanks Zubin
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