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Why do not get a right value after operation with sc_time


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Hello everybody,

I have a statement that should return a half of a period, but instead it returns me a zero. Why?

struct PWM::states
    sc_core::sc_time period;

        sc_core::sc_time period(4.0,sc_core::SC_MS);


Thanks in advance


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It is unclear where your std::cout is located. The earliest I would expect is inside start_of_simulation() or as the first thing inside an SC_THREAD.

But your code has another issue. You are declaring two independent variables. One in the struct, and the other as a stack located version with an initial value of 4 ms.

Perhaps you meant to do something like: https://www.edaplayground.com/x/2c9j


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Hello Mr. Black,

Unfortunately I do not have today my code with me. I have created a module with SC_THREAD process. And in this module this process is made with constructor. I have probably understood my mistake but I can check it only on Monday when I will have access to my code. Thanks for the help!


How could I register on edaplayground? My e-mail is not accepted by a system check.

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