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UVM RAL implementation methodology for large designs

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I was wondering if are there any resources (papers, blogs, posts, best practices) about methodologies to implement UVM RAL for "large" designs (>100K registers and 50K rams)? I tried to do some research online but most of the results never cover "large" designs.

I have experience using RAL and doing some customisation to make it work in a particular environment (callbacks, maps, defining specialised registers, sequences) but most of them were "little" (1K regs and 100 rams)

I'm interested on any information about aspects such as:

  • Reg model re-usability and portability at sub-system and system level environments
  • Performance: How heavy is the register model, since having this much registers may have a huge performance penalty over simulations
  • Dynamic reconfiguration (I know in 1.2 once your model is locked not much can be done)
  • RAM modelling in RAL (since it the uvm_mem is different from uvm_reg)
  • Register Model Partitioning at block level
  • Register Model limitations on real projects usage
  • Implementation of different sized registers and non uniform mapping
  • General RAL limitations

Any material or hints on these topics is really appreciated
Apologies for the broad question


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Since it seems this is not a interesting topic just in case someone is looking for information I came across these papers

http://www.verilab.com/files/litterick_register_final.pdf basically claims that factory registration of registers should be avoided to get better performance results

 Common issues and pitfalls



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