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Connecting two Bi-directional ports


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I have been working on connection of two module having bi-directional ports, Is there any special signal required to connect two bi-directional ports? or anything else. 

Suggestions are welcome

This is the error what I'm getting :

Error: (E115) sc_signal<T> cannot have more than one driver:
signal `Mila.signal_0' (sc_signal)
first driver `Mila.Memory.port_4' (sc_inout)
second driver `Mila.Alloc.port_3' (sc_inout)
In file: ../../../../src/sysc/communication/sc_signal.cpp:73

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22 hours ago, David Black said:

sc_signal is not really a good channel for bi-directional signaling since by design it is intended for single driver (writer) multiple reader use.

You should use sc_signal_rv<T> or sc_signal_resolved for multiple drivers so that contention can be properly modeled.


Can you please see my code and tell me where I am doing wrong ? As using sc_signal_rv is not working.


Many thanks ,


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