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Triggering a method upon change in value of port

Karthik Rao

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Hi All,

I am using an input port of type double to trigger my method. Irrespective of whether I give dont_initialize() property to the method or not, the method is getting triggered once during initialization phase. It is not triggering when there is a change in the value of the port to which the method is sensitive to. 

I also tried giving


to the port. How should I handle this? Thanks in advance for your inputs 

Best Regards,

Karthik Rao

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Show some code. [Use the code quotations <> above and specify language C/C++]

What do you mean by "input port"? Are you using the default sc_port or specialized signal port?

Have you registered the method?

Where are you using value_changed_event()?

Why are you using `operator.` rather than operator-> ?

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