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  1. Hi All, I am using an input port of type double to trigger my method. Irrespective of whether I give dont_initialize() property to the method or not, the method is getting triggered once during initialization phase. It is not triggering when there is a change in the value of the port to which the method is sensitive to. I also tried giving .value_changed_event() to the port. How should I handle this? Thanks in advance for your inputs Best Regards, Karthik Rao
  2. Hello Everyone, Thank you for your insights. I looked up at the LRM later and found that it has to be a constant and also cannot be modified after end_of_elaboration. To achieve my task I later found another method which does not involve making the width configurable. Best Regards Karthik
  3. Hello Everyone, In the existing code, the width of the WdwType is defined as shown below. Here WDW_SIZE is a macro. typedef sc_bv<WDW_SIZE> WdwType; But I want the width to be configurable. So I have declared a structure variable of datatype unsigned int and want to do the same. Can anybody please let me know how this can be done? Thank you. Regards Karthik.
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