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Functional coverage- VCS

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I am running many test cases in parallel and generating functional coverage report for every test case.

As test cases are running in parallel they are overwriting the VDB file.

 I want to generate different VDB files for every different test case.

how can I do that?

I am using VCS

I am new to VCS

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This is a tools issue and not a UVM topic per se. This forum focuses on UVM issues. Your problem probably needs to be discussed on a Synopsys forum (not Accellera).

That said, I believe vcs writes to log and database files located in the same directory where the tool was launched. So you should create separate directories for each run. This will likely require some simple (not necessarily trivial) scripting automation. vcs may also have some switches to help redirect file outputs. I recommend RTFM at a minimum.


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Hi vaibhav0901 - The best way to get answers to questions specifically about VCS is to either open a new support case via Synopsys Solvnet (https://solvnet.synopsys.com) or contact your local Synopsys Applications Engineer.

The short answer to your question is to use either the -cm_name or -cm_dir arguments on the simv command line to write vdb data to unique locations.  -cm_dir can create an entirely new vdb directory for the test's coverage results.  -cm_name creates a new section within an existing vdb.  When using -cm_name it is advisable to also use -cm_test, like this:

simv -cm line+cond+fsm -cm_name my_test -cm_test my_test +UVM_TESTNAME=my_test  # writes coverage data to the compile-time vdb under location "my_test"





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