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Drive SCModel from a C-Shell

Elvis Shera

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Hello, I am trying to drive an SC model via a C-shell. 

My C-Shell program:


the SC model is exposed to the c-shell via an API declared as:



the main.cpp of my SC model is:



the DUT is modeled as a short... where the output = input every time the input is changing. The main program is compiled and I am generating a shared library out of it. Such library is then linked while creating an executable for the c-shell program.

By playing around... I either get a core-dump or an error message telling me that it could not insret primitive channel.  Does anyone see something wrong in my code ?

Thanks Elvis

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Actually you don't assign anything to adata->sdata in sc_main In your if branch testing the pointer for NULL and create the design but then you throw away the pointer. So it is called a second time after calling sc_start() and it is not allowed to instantiate primitive channels after the elaboration phase.

But in genereral your approach is quite a mess and prone to errors (as you encountered already). Why don't you put your outer for-loop in sc_main and just load the model from the shared librar? This way you have proper initialization, do not abuse any parameters and have a similar flexibility (as I  can judge). Moreover you have some compatibility with other (commercial) SystemC simulators. Another aspect: repeatedly calling sc_elab_and_sim() has quite some perfomance impact as there are memory allocations to hold copies the argc[] strings and some more.

Best regards

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I would suggest that putting anything other than instantiation of a top level module is inappropriate. You should create a top level module with a thread to contain your behavior. As you are interested in communicating with SystemC from outside the simulator (i.e. from the shell), then you need to use thread-safe techniques. SystemC is not thread-safe without special precautions. You have two choices in this regard:

  1. Use polling inside your thread and use appropriate interprocess communications mechanisms (don't forget to use a mutex).
  2. Create a primitive channel using async_request_update and appropriate interprocess communications mechanisms to capture the data from outside.

Neither approach is trivial.

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"you don't assign anything to adata->sdata in sc_main In your if branch testing the pointer for NULL and create the design but then you throw away the pointer". I missed this. Thanks for pointing out. 

The issue I have in putting the loop inside sc_main is that I would be assuming how the external application will want to use the mode.?  Think about the schenariou where you want to ship this model to a costumer. The only think they should care is the API interface exposed to them... data and methods eventually.  

In general I am not proud of this approach but I seem comming regularly into problems. A guideline on how to do this is missing. Maybe the folks in the working group can write a documetn/guideline to this. 

How would you approach this kind of problem if what you want is to pass an input vector to SC + timing and read yn output vector? the data can be from logic, int, string and reals.

Yes. sc_elab_and_sim()  will create peprfomance issues but cannot call sc_start() outside sc_main  (like sc_stop) and i do not know anyother way of doing it. 


Thanks for your inputs. Is clear but as you said... would need to play around on how to do this seems not trivial.

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