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uvm-1.2 example compile error


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Dear All,


I'm trying to compile the uvm-1.2 example.

Basically, there examples in /uvm-1.2/example/simple/trivial/



When I run " make -f Makefile.ius"  then I've got the below error messages.

ncvlog: *E,UNDIDN (INCISIVE151/tools/methodology/UVM/CDNS-1.1d/additions/sv//cdns_recording.svh,79|16): 'm_handles': undeclared identifier [12.5(IEEE)].
irun: *E,VLGERR: An error occurred during parsing.  Review the log file for errors with the code *E and fix those identified problems to proceed.  Exiting with code (status 1).
irun: *E,UVMCXF: The process to compile the uvm extensions has failed. Add -uvmnocdnsextra to disable the addon package or point to the right version using -uvmexthome.


What am I  supposed to do to resolve this problem?




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you are using uvm1.2 with the uvm11 version of the cadence extensions. please choose one of the following

1. use the cadence distributed version in your install 'irun -uvmhome CDNS-1.2 ....' (no need for any other uvm compile/flags ...)

2. you point to the right extensions 'irun -uvmhome ...yourpath... -uvmexthome <cdnsinstall>/tools/methodology/UVM/CDNS-1.2 ....'


i also see that you are using a very old version of ius and it is suggested to use a more recent one.


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