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  1. Dear All, I'm trying to record the transaction of UVM by using Irun(Candence). But I can't find any usage for that. But I find one tcl script as the below when I googling, #Probe waveforms database -open -shm -into waves.shm waves -default # -event probe -create -database waves top -all -depth all # -memories probe -create -database waves $uvm:{uvm_test_top} -all -depth all -dynamic #stop at the end of the build phase and enable full verbosity #messaging and transaction recording uvm_phase -stop_at -build_done run uvm_message UVM_FULL * #Enable transaction recordin
  2. Dear All, I'd like to dump the waveform using irun in UVM env. Currently I'm working on uvm-1.1d/examples/simple/basic_examples/module directory and INSICIVE152. the problem is that I don't know how to make wave dump file. Would you please help me let me know how to get the wave dump file with any example ?
  3. Dear All, I'm trying to compile the uvm-1.2 example. Basically, there examples in /uvm-1.2/example/simple/trivial/ Makefile.ius When I run " make -f Makefile.ius" then I've got the below error messages. m_handles[stream]=1; | ncvlog: *E,UNDIDN (INCISIVE151/tools/methodology/UVM/CDNS-1.1d/additions/sv//cdns_recording.svh,79|16): 'm_handles': undeclared identifier [12.5(IEEE)]. irun: *E,VLGERR: An error occurred during parsing. Review the log file for errors with the code *E and fix those identified problems to proceed. Exit
  4. Dear All, Currently, I'm trying to make multiple burst on systemverilog especially the code with cadence's VIPCAT tool. The below code which is I've got at all `timescale 1ps/1ps import DenaliSvMem::*; import DenaliSvCdn_ahb::*; class myAhbInstance extends denaliCdn_ahbInstance; denaliMemInstance regInst ; // Handle to the register-space function new(string instName); super.new(instName); regInst = new( { instName, "(registers)" } ); endfunction endclass // Test module module pstest; // Import the DDVAPI ACE SV interface and the gene
  5. Dear all. Now I'm trying to digging the systemverilog as the below denaliCdn_ahbTransaction burst1; task sendTransfers; burst1= new; burst1.Direction = DENALI_CDN_AHB_DIRECTION_WRITE; burst1.FirstAddress = 32'h4020;//16416 M3 and M0 to S1 burst1.Kind = DENALI_CDN_AHB_BURSTKIND_INCR4; burst1.Size = DENALI_CDN_AHB_TRANSFERSIZE_HALFWORD; burst1.Data = new [8]; foreach (burst1.Data[ii]) burst1.Data[ii] = ii; void'(activeMaster1.transAdd(burst1,0)); ....
  6. Thanks for replay. I've update the test1.v and executing script. Would you please help me how to resolve this? tar.zip
  7. Hi, I'm trying to verify the simple AHB block by using VIPCAT, so I made simple test.v as the below `timescale 1ps/1ps module test2( HCLK, HRESET, HADDR, HTRANS, ... HLOCK, HGRANT ); parameter interface_soma = "test2.soma"; parameter init_file = ""; parameter sim_control = ""; input HCLK; input HRESET; output [31:0] HADDR; ... assign HBUSREQ =
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