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drive same sequence to multiple driver

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I have a RTL DUT verification platform  where I integrated the corresponding TLM model as a reference model. I

Now I want to drive the same random sequence to both RTL and TLM and compare the result. I want to drive the sequence independently to both RTL and TLM because either of them can finish earlier so it does not need to wait for other to finish before feeding the next sequence.

Can anyone guide me how I can do this. May be if you know some pointer for the same.


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22 hours ago, jrefice said:

Would it be sufficient to clone the original sequence, and execute the clone in parallel on the TLM model's sequencer/driver?   

Hi Jrefice

Thanks for the guidance.

Can you elaborate a little more. I mean what to clone and where.

I can try accordingly.




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It's difficult to provide more details without knowing what your environment looks like.  Would you be able to provide a loose description of your environment (What sequencers and drivers exist)?

Generally speaking, I'm talking about cloning the sequence  (or sequence items) after the randomization has occurred, so that you have 2 independent threads operating in parallel and doing the same things on different DUTs.

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