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updating register value in UVM register model when DUT registers value changes internally

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Hi Folks

I have a scenario where a DUT register value changes when IP reaches a certain state. This change in register value is done internally in the RTL implementation of the DUT, it is not through any bus transaction. In such cases how I update the corresponding register value (mirror or desired) in its UVM register model ?

Thanks in Advance



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Hi Khushi,

If a register value is updated internally by the RTL, then the user has to update the register model by calling the predict method of that register class in order to sync the register model with the RTL values.

In such cases, wait for the event that causes the change in register value and then update the RAL model with that value.

Ex:-     @(event causing the change in value)

           <register_handle>.predict(value due to that change);

Agnisys Inc.

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