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VCS UVM_TESTNAME compile once simulate multiple in same directory

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I'm looking for best known practices for mananging UVM tests with Synopsys VCS. What I would like to do is to compile the testbench  once and then simulate the different test cases in the same directory.  

For example, the test package contains test1, test2, and test3 (all extended from the base_test (extended from uvm_test class)). So the command lines after compilation would be:

./simv +UVM_TESTNAME=test1 -l simv.test1.log

./simv +UVM_TESTNAME=test2 -l simv.test2.log

./simv +UVM_TESTNAME=test3 -l simv.test3.log

This can easily be placed in a shell script loop or a Makefile.   The caveat is that I want to run all of these (plus, let's say, a hundred more) in parallel on a compute farm.  What other command line options are necessary so that they do not clobber each other if run from the same directory?  I'm pretty sure that there are other intermediate files or logs created along the way (like the transaction log).

Yes, I know that I can create separate run directories for each, but I would rather not due to legacy reasons (I may be migrating from Incisive and this single directory thing working along with infrastructure that I wish to reuse).

A pointer to a white paper or app note would be wonderful.  I have searched this forum, google, solvnet, and asked a less-experienced AC this, so far, no joy.


Thank you.

Dan Moore

Principal Engineer - ASIC Development

Rohde & Schwarz, USA, Inc.

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