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use of uvm_void class ?

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1. IMHO, uvm_void is of no use. It destroys the type safety of class by create a universal base class type - similar to void* in C++.

2. The idea of a transaction is that it is transient, it exists only for a short time. Whereas the reporting functions and their associated settings in the report_handler exist for the entire simulation.

When you issue a report in a class that is not extended from uvm_report_object, it will use the global reporter. You can identify messages from your transactions by using the string ID field of the message.

Usually transactions are sequence_items and some people use the report handler of the sequencer they are running on by using m_sequencer.uvm_report_****().

Another option is to create a static log member in your report handler and initialize it on construction of the first transaction.

my_transaction extends uvm_transaction;

static uvm_reporter log;

function new(string name ="");


if (log==null) log = new("my_transaction");


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