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Memory Allocation In SystemC


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I have to Allocate Memory for my data in SystemC.

We Use malloc in C Language and New in C++ to dynamically Allocate Memory. But today I have read that we cannot use New and Delete Operators in System C as they are not synthesizeable. Which command should I use for Memory Allocation in System C. Thanks.

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Dynamic memory allocation in behavioural description is indeed not synthesizable, as there is no sensible mapping to digital hardware. You will have to use static memory allocation instead. Check the SystemC Synthesis Subset and the documentation of your HLS toolchain for details on how to write proper synthesizable code in SystemC.

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Hi Maehne

But If I am defining Memory as SC_MODULE and using 4KB Memory Alignment for my data storage as I am reading the data from binary files. As I have to read from and store the respective output data in the Memory Module. Like I am confused How do i define the Memory Module using static allocation. Can You give me or refer to some example. That would be so nice of You. Thanks

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