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BlockDiagram to be Converted to SystemC Modules


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I am working on the Design Flow of the Given Architecture and I making the SystemC Model on the basis of the given diagram description. I not included in my System C Model the shared DRAM. Can You guide me How I have to model the Shared DRAM near Memory Controller Box  in System C (As a Module or not ?) as shown in the first picture.  Give me some System C Block diagram for this architecture as I am new to the System C. Thanks 









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I have the filter data and Input Image data in binary format  and I ´have to make a hardware Architecture for the Convolutional Neural Network. Based on the description on the third Image I am trying to make the basic Hardware blocks in System C and then I have to load image and filter binary to perform CNN layer by layer. I am working on Zynqnet Hardware Architecture(which is based on squeezenet) and It includes 27 Convolutional Layers for CNN and I have to convert that Architecture into a System C. 

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