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Unrecognized system task or function: $cdn_ahb_access


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I'm trying to verify the simple AHB block by using VIPCAT, so I made simple test.v as the below

`timescale 1ps/1ps

module test2(

    parameter interface_soma = "test2.soma";
    parameter init_file   = "";
    parameter sim_control = "";
    input HCLK;
    input HRESET;
    output [31:0] HADDR;


      assign HBUSREQ = den_HBUSREQ;
    output HLOCK;
      reg den_HLOCK;
      assign HLOCK = den_HLOCK;
    input HGRANT;


I want to use the VIPCAT to generate a BFM file for the AHB interfacing test.
But I'm stuck in the below process. How do I resolve this problem?


$ncverilog +access+wrc test2.v

ncelab: *W,MISSYST (./test1.v,70|18): Unrecognized system task or function: $cdn_ahb_access (did not match built-in or user-defined names) [2.7.4(IEEE Std 1364-2001)]


Could you please help me how can I resolve this problem?.



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4 minutes ago, uwes said:


the technical part of the error is that you missed to include the system functions into your command invication (something like -loadvpi, -svlib or similar). nevertheless i would recommend the file a support ticket to have this resolved.



Thanks for replay.

I've update the test1.v and executing script.

Would you please help me how to resolve this?



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