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Sending a self defined data type through sc_port


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Hi, i am trying to declare an sc_port from which i want to send a struct (ressource) between two different modules. I declared an interface and a channel to implements the send and receive interface methods but i am experiencing two errors. The first one is C2011 'class ' type redefinition, the second one is C2504 base class undefined.

Now the Interface is very simple:


class comm_send_interface : virtual public sc_interface {
    virtual bool send(ressource) = 0; // send a ressource 
    virtual void reset() = 0; // empty ressource list

class comm_recv_interface : virtual public sc_interface {
    virtual bool recv(ressource &) = 0; // receive a ressource


The channel where i implement the methods looks like this:


#include "comm_interface.h"

class comm_channel : public sc_module, public comm_send_interface, public comm_recv_interface {
    ressource rdata[9];
    int i;
    //sc_event send_event, recv_event;

    comm_channel(sc_module_name rc_channel) : sc_module(rc_channel), i(0) {}
    bool send(ressource r); // write
    bool recv(ressource & r); // read
    void reset();
    //void register_port(sc_port_base & port_, const char * if_typename_);

bool comm_channel :: send(ressource r) {
    if (i < 10) {
        rdata[i++] = r;
        return true;
    return false;

bool comm_channel :: recv(ressource &r) {
    if (i > 0) {
        r = rdata[--i];
        return true;
    return false;

void comm_channel :: reset() {
    i = 0;


And here i declare the sc_port to send and receive the "ressource".

#ifndef ROBOT__H
#define ROBOT__H

#include "systemc.h"
#include "ressource.h"

#include "comm_interface.h"

struct robot : sc_module {

    sc_port<comm_recv_interface> rinput;
    sc_port<comm_send_interface> routput;
   ressource r;
    void drill();

    void insert();

    void tight();

    SC_CTOR(robot) {
#endif // ROBOT__H


Can you help me with the Problem?! Thanks in advanced!


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Your problem is not SystemC-specific, as you are not following basic rules of C++ programming:

  • To use classes of SystemC like sc_core::sc_interface or sc_core::sc_module, you have to #include the respective header (in our case <systemc>) before. You haven't done so in your headers comm_interface.h and comm_channel.h
  • Also, your headers comm_interface.h and comm_channel.h seem to lack #include guards, which cause the type redefinition errors.
  • I encourage you to not use the header <systemc> and not <systemc.h> to avoid public namespace pollution. Then, you have to prefix most SystemC classes with the sc_core:: namespace prefix. In function scope, you can avoid this by adding "using" declarations for the symbols/namespaces you plan to use in the current scope.
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