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  1. Hallo, i have been trying to change de defalut sc_fifo size, but i dosen´t work at all. main.cpp sc_fifo<ressource> ff_in_ch; // ressource si a self-defined data-type class X sc_fifo_out<ressource> ffin; class Y sc_fifo_in<ressource> ffin; How can i change the size of the sc_fifo? I have tried this: sc_fifo<ressource> ff_in_ch(64); but it dosen´t work at all. Thanks in adavanced!
  2. Hi, i am trying to declare an sc_port from which i want to send a struct (ressource) between two different modules. I declared an interface and a channel to implements the send and receive interface methods but i am experiencing two errors. The first one is C2011 'class ' type redefinition, the second one is C2504 base class undefined. Now the Interface is very simple: //comm_interface.h class comm_send_interface : virtual public sc_interface { public: virtual bool send(ressource) = 0; // send a ressource virtual void reset() = 0; // empty ressource list };
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