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Questa OnFinish


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Is there a way to have Questa stop, and nothing else, on $finish? I have tried the OnFinish options, but all of them have unwanted side effects:

ask - puts up a dialog on every finish.

stop - echoes distracting info on the transcript and opens uvm_root. Want neither, just stop.

final - same as stop, but now uvm_objections is opened, not uvm_root. Huh?

exit - quits Questa. That's too much, want the simulation to stay loaded.



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I assume you are talking about the GUI. When you set the Onfinish to something other than exit, it places a breakpoint on the $finish and echos one line to tell you that it has stop at the $finish.

There is an OpenOnBreak setting that you can turn off so that it doesn't open up to the line in the source code where the simulator stopped.

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What's echoed on the transcript is usually something like this:

# ** Warning: (vsim-WLF-5000) WLF file currently in use: vsim.wlf

# File in use by: Hostname: ProcessID: 1

# Attempting to use alternate WLF file "./wlftqx0vde".

# ** Warning: (vsim-WLF-5001) Could not open WLF file: vsim.wlf

# Using alternate file: ./wlftqx0vde

# ** Note: $finish : C:/questasim_10.0c/win32/../verilog_src/uvm-1.1/src/base/uvm_root.svh(408)

# Time: 2730 us Iteration: 51 Instance: /top/test

# Break in Task uvm_pkg/uvm_root::run_test at C:/questasim_10.0c/win32/../verilog_src/uvm-1.1/src/base/uvm_root.svh line 408

This is not a total disaster, but it does interfere with my log. The OpenOnBreak seems to have no effect, but I may use it incorrectly, found nothing about usage in the manual, just a reference to the setting. Anyway, I actually want to have open on break as it is, but not open on finish, I just want questa stop the simulation silently and have it stay loaded.


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