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Is this UVM register model bug being address? UVM/RSRC/NOREGEX

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Seen quite a few posts on various forums like this. Moving your register model to UVM-1.2 yields a bunch of warnings like this.


 [uVM/RSRC/NOREGEX] a resource with meta characters in the field name has been created 


As far as I can tell this is a bug in uvm_reg_block::configure(). If special regex characters are not allowed in the call to uvm_resource_db#(uvm_reg_block)::set(), then this function needs to sanitize the return value from get_full_name before passing it to set.


get_full_name() is return hierarchical paths with dots in them, as it is supposed to, but those are regex characters with ::set() complains about.

function void uvm_reg_block::configure(uvm_reg_block parent=null, string hdl_path="");  this.parent = parent; 
  if (parent != null)

  uvm_resource_db#(uvm_reg_block)::set("uvm_reg::*", get_full_name(), this);
I am not alone: https://goo.gl/REafnv
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At Cavium, we hand edited our version of UVM (egads!) to explicitly allow periods. Although, we felt that asterisks and a few others were probably a bad idea.


I know I'll probably get hate mail for abusing the standard like that, but we've got chips to make.  :)


Here is a patch that you can apply:


Index: 1_2/src/base/uvm_resource.svh

--- 1_2/src/base/uvm_resource.svh       (revision 329382)
+++ 1_2/src/base/uvm_resource.svh       (working copy)
@@ -1412,7 +1412,8 @@
        for(int i=0;i<name.len();i++) begin
-               if(name.getc(i) inside {".","/","[","*","{"}) begin
+      // CAVM: Permit periods inside instance names
+               if(name.getc(i) inside {"/","[","*","{"}) begin
                        `uvm_warning("UVM/RSRC/NOREGEX", $sformatf("a resource with meta characters in the field name has been created \"%s\"",name))
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actually the 'bad' guy here is the line


uvm_resource_db#(uvm_reg_block)::set("uvm_reg::*", get_full_name(), this);



it simply doesnt make sense that every block stores itself in the config-db as part of the uvm library. see https://accellera.mantishub.com/view.php?id=5040



So, it was fixed? Was a new version of UVM 1.2 released? Or is it part of UVM 1.3?

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