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Output `uvm_info to file

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I need redirect all uvm_info messages to some log file.


My testbench contain dut module, some environment modules and classes, which using for monitoring and driving.

In environment modules, drivers and monitors exists `uvm_info callings.


To save `uvm_info messages to log file In uvm agents build_phase:

            int log_file

            log_file = $fopen(path);
            uvm_top.set_report_severity_action (UVM_INFO, UVM_DISPLAY | UVM_LOG);


In console i see messages of two types.

1st type:

UVM_INFO @%time%: reporter [%uvm_info_id%] %some_message%

Messages 1st type outputs by environment modules. Messages 1st type exists in output log.


2nd type

UVM_INFO @ %time%: uvm_test_top.env.agent.%some_testcase% [%uvm_info_id%] %some_message%

Messages 2st type outputs by monitors and drivers. Messages 2st type not exists in log.


I need to output to file both type messages .

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