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Does UVM Provide any handy class similar to uvm_mem_mam to manage a pool of device indices (any numbers).

To be more clear:

      Lets say I want to randomly pick an unused Device ID, I want to know if UVM has any utility class that manages the list of Device Indexes that are already allotted and when requested provides a random free device index, while adding it to the list of used device index.

    This functionality is close to uvm_mem_mam where mam manages the list of addresses that are in use and when requested will randomly return an address+length combination.

     In essence I am looking for a list manager class.

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I don't think the UVM provides a class for that, but you can easily model that with a simple constraint on any member of a class.

class myclass;
  int pool_of_devices[$];
  rand int device;
  constraint new_device {  !( device inside {pool_of_devices} ); }
  function void post_randomize();
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