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Inter modules communciation


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In my systemc design, I am making high level abstractions about my system. I am not considering at all the time required to transfert information from one module to another. In this case, what are the arguments of not using "standard C++" communication means to let my modules exchange this information ? Do these arguments exist meaning that it's better choiche to go to ports and channels even in this case ?


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I guess the main advantage of using SystemC is that ports/modules/channels give you a standard approach. Even if you don't care about time passing, you may well care about the order that things happen in, and then events and time are still useful. Also of course you get a ready to use threading library and scheduler.


The disadvantage might be simulation speed compared to pure C++. And of course you have to learn SystemC.


The main advantage of C++ is that you can do exactly what you want (you're free!)

The main disadvantage of C++ is that you can do exactly what you want :-) (You're re-inventing the wheel)




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