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How do I raise objection to main phase in a component's run_phase()

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In the run_phase() of a component, I'd like to raise an objection to the main phase so I added the following:




and I get this error when it runs:


        UVM_ERROR @ 0 ns: reporter [uVM/PH/NULL_OBJECTION] 'uvm_test_top.foo' attempted to raise an objection on 'main', however 'main' is not a task-based phase node!  (This is a UVM_PHASE_IMP, you have to query the schedule to find the UVM_PHASE_NODE)


Why?  What do I not understand or how should this be done?  


It looks to me like uvm_main_phase is derived from uvm_task_phase so wouldn't that make it a "task-based phase node"?






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You can get a handle to the 'phase' argument that gets passed to 'main_phase(...)' using:

uvm_hase main_phase = phase.find(uvm_main_phase::get(), 0);

This works if you call it from 'end_of_elaboration_phase(...)' (or I guess any function-based phase), but for some reason it returns null when called in 'run_phase(...)'. I don't know why and I also don't want to dig around the source code to find out. You could store this 'main_phase' inside a class field and use in 'run_phase'. It's not clean, but it's pragmatic.

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