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[uvm_sequence_library] could I know what sequnce is selected before execute it?

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Hi UVM experts,

My question is listed below mainly for debug purpose, could anyone give some hint how to do. thanks!





// Problem: Could I know which sequcne is selected and print it out here?


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with UVM_FULL verbosity you should be getting quite some infos:

UVM_INFO /home/uwes/src/uvm/distrib/src/seq/uvm_sequence_library.svh(688) @ 0: uvm_test_top.sequencer@@simple_seq_lib_RST [sEQLIB/START] Starting sequence library simple_seq_lib_RST in reset phase: 10 iterations in mode UVM_SEQ_LIB_RAND

UVM_INFO /home/uwes/src/uvm/distrib/src/seq/uvm_sequence_library.svh(754) @ 10: uvm_test_top.sequencer@@simple_seq_lib_RST [sEQLIB/END] Ending sequence library in phase reset

UVM_INFO /home/uwes/src/uvm/distrib/src/seq/uvm_sequence_library.svh(688) @ 10: uvm_test_top.sequencer@@simple_seq_lib_CFG [sEQLIB/START] Starting sequence library simple_seq_lib_CFG in configure phase: 10 iterations in mode UVM_SEQ_LIB_RANDC

UVM_INFO /home/uwes/src/uvm/distrib/src/seq/uvm_sequence_library.svh(754) @ 20: uvm_test_top.sequencer@@simple_seq_lib_CFG [sEQLIB/END] Ending sequence library in phase configure

you may also switch on transaction recording and see the sequences/hierarchy in the waveform


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