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Warning "Type already registered with the factory"

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Hi, I have the following problem:

I have 2 classes:

class1 extends uvm_monitor






and second class which extends the previous:

class2 extends class1




I am using Cadence irun tool (ncverilog, ncelab), the latest one - incisive 10.20.029

I see warning: Type "class2" is already registered with the factory.

I tried using `uvm_component_param_utils instead (in both classes) because this seemed to help in some previous cases I had with parameterized classes, but here the result is the same.

If I remove `uvm_component_utils macro from class2, then when I try to override class1 with class2 from the test, I get error that class2 is not registered with the factory.

Please, any ideas what causes this warning and how to remove it?


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im not aware of an issue in that area. the message basically says that you are trying to register a string type name for a class in the factory but a class with the same name has already registered that typename. here are some points you may want to check:

1. you will see this warning

- if you declare a class with the same name in different scopes (same class name in different packages, different modules/classes )

- if you include the file with the class decl multiple times

- if you use a param class and not use the _param_ version of the macros

2. you might cross check with the examples in the examples directory

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