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How to set verbosity for uvm_object (not component)?

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Is there a command-line command to change the verbosity for a uvm_object (like a configuration object)?


For components, I use:



I want to leave the entire testbench verbosity as sv_medium, except for one object of the following class.  Not being a component, it's not in the component hierarchy.

class plb_agent_configuration extends agent_cfg_base #(plb_transaction);
  `uvm_object_utils( plb_agent_configuration )

  virtual interface plb_driver_bfm   driver_bus;
  virtual interface plb_monitor_bfm  monitor_bus;

  function new( string name = "" );
    super.new( name );

  virtual task access(inout TRANS_T txn);

  virtual task monitor(inout TRANS_T txn);

  virtual task wait_clk(input uint32_t num);

  virtual task wait_rsp();
    while (monitor_bus.cb.RspFlag_i!=1) @monitor_bus.cb;
    `uvm_info(report_id, "response!", UVM_DEBUG)

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@Alan I'm not sure if this is going to affect reporting. I think supplying a parent when creating an object will only set the context used by the factory. I had a quick look through the code and when calling uvm_report_*(...) inside an object, you'll actually be calling the global methods which route the report to the top component (uvm_root).


You should try making your object inherit from uvm_report_object instead, as this class contains its own report handler. If you also set the context of the object (by specifying a parent or a full path), then you'll be able to distinguish it from other instances, even though it's not part of the component hierarchy.

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