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Compiling UVM 1.1

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Hi All,

I downloaded the uvm package (UVM 1.1 class library code and user guide) form http://www.accellera.org/activities/vip.

While trying to compile the uvm code + u_first.sv I see the following error.

Compile command used:


vlog -timescale "1ns/1ns" -mfcu -suppress 2181 +define+UVM_NO_DPI +acc=rmb +incdir+uvm/src uvm/src/uvm.sv u_first.sv



QuestaSim-64 vlog 6.5d Compiler 2009.11 Nov 18 2009

-- Compiling package uvm_pkg

** Error: uvm/src/base/uvm_callback.svh(694): Failed to find name 'get' in specified scope

** Error: uvm/src/base/uvm_callback.svh(774): Failed to find name 'get' in specified scope

** Error: uvm/src/base/uvm_report_object.svh(273): Failed to find name 'get' in specified scope

** Error: uvm/src/base/uvm_phase.svh(649): Failed to find name 'get' in specified scope

** Error: uvm/src/base/uvm_phase.svh(659): Failed to find name 'get_inst' in specified scope

Could you please help.


While compiling ovm, the compile was very smooth.

Would like to understand for compiling uvm why the dpi stuff is needed why not for ovm.

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The UVM dpi code provides additional features including regression expression searching and command-line arguments. It's not "needed" for the core functionality which is why the define is available.

As for the error, looks like you have an older simulator version than that which supports UVM.

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Hi Jadec, Thanks for the reply about why dpi code is present in uvm.

Regarding the error I changed my simulator from questa 6.5d to 6.6d and it worked. Thanks again.

From the error message how could you decode that it is a tool version issue? Error Message "Failed to find name 'get' in specified scope" is specified scope the hint words?

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The OVM developers policy was to make sure that the source code was strictly written in SystemVerilog without requiring any C code. The UVM developers changed that policy and now contains certain functionality that can not be implemented in pure SystemVerilog source code (command line switches and hierarchical references via string pathnames). The UVM also has functions for string matching regular expressions that would be very inefficient to implement in SystemVerilog and are readily available in existing C libraries.

UVM 1.1 can be run on Questa 6.6e or greater. The current version of Questa is 10.0c and contains a precompiled version of UVM 1.1.


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