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sequencer and multiple sequences?

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I'd like to know if some features I'm familiar with in the VMM exist in UVM. The closest thing to a uvm_sequencer in VMM is the vmm_ms_scenario_gen. You are able to register multiple scenarios (sequences) with it. This generator then selects via round-robin a scenario from those registered (you can also change that selection to be random).

I see you can register different sequences for different phases in a uvm_sequencer, which is a very nice feature. Does it also allow you to similarly register multiple sequences for the same phase?

Secondly, the vmm_ms_scenario_gen upon completion of a scenario picks another scenario and starts that. If only one scenario is registered, then the same scenario is repeated. Does the uvm_sequencer support that?



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both use cases can be simply mapped:

1 this would be a sequence A starting the other sequences in parallel. in you phase hook you would start the A sequence

2 the simplest framework is to use the uvm_sequence_library which is actually a meta-sequence and allows you quite easy starts of associated sequences using various patterns.


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