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OVM 2.1.2 -- Getting You Ready for UVM

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Talk about stability -- OVM 2.1.1 has had 18 months as the core of Accellera's UVM and accumulated only 13 bugs. Not too shabby! With the OVM community preparing to migrate, Cadence and Mentor have posted a bug-fix update -- OVM 2.1.2 -- to OVMWorld to help you get ready to move to the UVM.

As you may have seen in my twitter feed, I've been out talking to customers a lot lately. Both OVM and VMM users have been telling me they are really happy that UVM is here and are preparing to migrate. On the OVM side, we've heard consistently "we are preparing to migrate at the end of this project, but it would be really good if the official OVM release could be updated one last time to support our legacy code." Mentor and Cadence have heard that and we provided that update as OVM 2.1.2.

When you look at the release notes you'll see the 10 bugs that were fixed and the 3 small API changes. There are no new features in OVM -- all of our engineering work is focused on UVM. In fact, the changes to OVM are more or less back-ports from the work done on UVM. Bottom line -- think of this bug-fix release as the safety net that enables you to move to the UVM with confidence!

Looking for another point of confidence? Come listen to Larry Ching of Boeing present his experiences migrating from OVM to UVM at the Accellera breakfast and again in the Cadence Theater at DAC on Tuesday June 7th.

Adam Sherer

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