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Using UVM_reg with task-based bfm

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I want to use the UVM_reg with simple task-based bfm (implemented as a class).

The bfm has tasks like reg_wr() and reg_rd().

I know the the UVM_reg has the translation layer class with reg2bus and bus2reg functions, however, those will convert the reg_op sequence to bus op sequence.

So, Since the bfm has no sequencer, how do I get the UVM_reg to use the bfm.reg_wr() and bfm.reg_rd() ?


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one way would be to reuse the reg_op as bus_op. this means creating an env with uvm_sequencer#(bus_op) and a uvm_driver#(bus_op). then you only need to implement the get_next_item loop in the driver and there you can either rd or write.

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