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Release notes and consolidated bug reports

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Where could I find Release Notes for 1.0p1 and the upcoming 1.1?

I'm looking for the following information on 1.0p1, to take an example:

- feature changes (Ex: 1.1 changes Phasing, a series of macros and member functions are deprecated)

- bug report: all bugs known in 1.0EA through 1.0p1, and their status (even if the bug isn't fixed, if I know about it, I can see if it's affecting me and I don't know it).

- conversion process

- what things can be safely changed and still be backward/forward compatible (this is usually deprecated code)

- what things can be changed using scripts/semi-automatically (and how)

- what things require careful review and understanding of the user's codebase (and examples of suggested methods to make the change)

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Hi Ejessen,

#1. You could get the release-notes.txt in the uvm-1.0p1 release pkg. Feature changes are listed inside.

#2. You could check the bugs report(Unassigned,Resolved, Recently Modified) in http://www.eda.org/svdb/main_page.php

#3. How to report bugs and enhancement requests for UVM? you could see the doc in http://www.accellera.org/activities/vip/Reporting_bugs_and_enhancement_requests_for_UVM.pdf

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