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How to use uvm_config_db method to get object/int values from TB?

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I defined an integer in TB env(tb_env) called 'test', and in my sequence, I call assert(uvm_config_db#(int)::exists(uvm_top, "tb_env", "test", 1)); to check whether the sequence can obtain 'test' value, but assert failed. I just used `uvm_field_int(test, UVM_ALL_ON) to register to the factory. Could you help? Thanks a lot!



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adding to janick's comments. its not that this style breaks encapsulation its also prevents a proper configuration override. so you should make a local field "test" and make an appropriate set_config or ::set from test/env/agent or similar. (keep in mind that there could be more than a single set-config)

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