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UVM code generates UVM warning for nested register block

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Creating a UVM register block that is a sub-block of another UVM register block, when I call the configure function of the sub-block, I get this warning.


UVM_WARNING @ 0 ns: reporter [uVM/RSRC/NOREGEX] a resource with meta characters in the field name has been created "regs.foo_regs"


because of this implementation of configure from the UVM 1.2 source code


function void uvm_reg_block::configure(uvm_reg_block parent=null, string hdl_path="");

  this.parent = parent;

  if (parent != null)




  uvm_resource_db#(uvm_reg_block)::set("uvm_reg::*", get_full_name(), this); endfunction



Because the full name for the sub-block includes the name of the parent block with a "." between it.


Am I missing something or doing something wrong?  Seems like this will always happen with nested register blocks.


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there are two sides to it.


1. http://eda.org/svdb/view.php?id=5040

2. field names should not contain meta characters such as "." or "*" to avoid semantic issues. (the meta characters might be considered as wildcards or globs and the matching order, priority etc might be implementation dependent and unexpected. there is also a set of mantis items






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