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use of all_dropped callback in uvm_objection

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I have found that all_dropped has been defined as a callback in uvm which user can extend and modify. But all of the functionality required is alredy defined inside all_dropped() function. So why was it made as a callback? What additional logics could be written inside this all_dropped callback.


Ranjith S

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Thanks a lot for your SeanChou.

I was trying to understand this objection area in more detail. My basic doubt was that what was the intention of the uvm source code developers to make the all_dropped as a callback?

What are all the things that they think to be added besides the source code in all_dropped function?

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the baseline scenario for objections (voting/consensus) is a barrier with N participating objects. apart from the "uvm_test_done" barrier with a result of "ending a simulation" you could have barriers to progress your test scenario from one phase (lets say config) to a new phase (lets say data-traffic), or you could use a custom objection to have traffic send as long as necessary - once all agree a particular device doesnt need to send traffic anymore you switch it off via all_objections_dropped



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