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W0CRS doesn't predict correct value if reset value is '1'

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Hi UVM experts,


I am working on a testbench to verify register behavior and came a cross an issue with W0CRS register fields with reset value of 1.   Please correct me if i am wrong here.


A 3-bit register field of type W0CRS with default value 3'b101. W0CRS states "W: 1/0 no effect on/clears matching bit, R: sets all bits"

tx_byte_bus.configure(this, 3, 0, "W0CRS", 0, `UVM_REG_DATA_WIDTH'h00000005, 1, 1, 1);


and my testcase does the following transactions to verify the register:

after system reset and regModel.reset (reset all mirrored values to their default) -> write all 1's -> then followed by a read -> then followed by a 2nd read


I expected the first read return 3'b101 as W0CRS shouldn't change m_value after write-all-1's is done, but the test failed with an uvm_error complaining the mirrored value is 3'b000, not match DUT value 3'b101.


- if I update the default value to all 0's in both DUT and UVM_REG file, then test passed

- if I udpate the default value to all 1's in both DUT and UVM_REG file, then test failed with the same error.


Is this a bug with W0CRS register? 






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Hi Tudor,


Thank you for your suggestion. 


it was my bad. the reset() didn't actually happen as I was trying a few different things and left the line "regModel.reset()" uncommented but not saved in the sequence file.   So it looked like I did "reset" but actually not.  Once file is saved with regModel.reset(), the uvm_error is gone. 


so buttom line is for W0CRS with non-zero default value to work the first thing in body() should be regModel.reset().





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