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conditionnal import package in SV


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Hello everyone,

I want to select package depending of parameter. I have the same parameters which different value in this two packages : pkg_std, pkg_a. And I would like to select the good one depending of the mode A

I don't know if it's possible.

Modelsim get an error on this :

Parameter A = 0;

     import pkg_std::*;
     import pkg_a::*;


It s seems a conflict between the two packages, because all parameters declared into the package are "undefined variable".

I'm curious if you have already to attempt this?

Let me know, please.


Thanks a lot.


Bye, JP LM

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The import statement only makes symbols visible inside the scope of the import. Your import statement is inside a generate block and does not make symbols visible after the generate.


If you need to select this package globally, it might be better to have two different versions of the same package compiled into separate libraries. Then just select the library you want at compilation time.


If the package only contains parameter values, then you might consider using a structure or class type as a container for your parameters instead of a package.

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