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problem on uvm_blocking_peek_imp

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I'm writing my first UVM code and using uvm_blocking_peek_port/imp to connect monitor & sequencer. When I use irun 9.2 to simulate the code, I met such error:

`BLOCKING_PEEK_IMP (m_imp, T, t)


ncelab: *F,CUVUNF (/apps/INCISIV92/09.20.022/IUS92/tools/uvm/src/uvm_tlm/uvm_imps.svh,125|33): Hierarchical name component lookup failed at 'peek'.

irun: *E,ELBERR: Error during elaboration (status 2), exiting.

can anybody help me to clarify this problem? thanks.


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it is pretty hard to give you a meaningful answer just by seeing this error msg. but i'm just guessing -

- check your arguments to your port/export/imp ports especially ordering, number and what they are types/param types/instance names

- check the other messages potentially pointing to the offending line in the source code

- check that the imp is correctly declared+instantiated

class X extends uvm_component;

 uvm_blocking_put_imp #(TLMTYPE, X) in=new("name",this);

 task put (TLMTYPE p); ... endtask

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thank you for your kind reply. I copied the code from examples and run it in IUS, then I got error as above. The code I use is similar to code you wrote except with different arguments. It is strange I got a wrong results. I have deleted old code and use another way to finish the job. Anyway, thanks for your reply.

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