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regarding objections

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i have a sequence lib. i created a base_seq in which i used pre_body() and post_body() to raise and drop objections. but my code is not executing pre and post body. im getting an error indicating time out. how can i resolve it.

all the sequences extending base_seq must raise and drop objection.........

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I guess you're using `uvm_do, which inhibits the call of pre/post_body() in sub-sequence (if you look at what the code expands to, the last argument to start(...) is 0, which means don't call pre/post_body()). Either don't use the `uvm_do macro and just call sub_seq.start(...) manually or move your objection raising to pre_start().


In any case, if you raise objections in your virtual sequence (the one that starts these sequences), then you shouldn't need to raise objections in your sub-sequences, as the virtual sequence will anyway have its objection raised throughout the time your sub-sequences execute. This is what Mentor Graphics technologists would recommend, as it costs performance to raise and drop objections because they have to propagate across the whole UVM hierarchy.

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