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Hello all,

Sorry for stupid question.


I have my registers defined as, reg1, reg2, reg3.....................reg64.

Now i want to drive a single value (ZERO) to all register using for loop.


so i implemented,


for (integer i = 0; i<65; i = i+1);

des_data[0:7] = 8'h00;

block_obj.$sformatf("reg%0d",i).write(status, des_data, UVM_FRONTDOOR,.parent(this));


But i am unable to achieve so.

Any one else can suggest alternate solution or logic for the above problem ??

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You can't do this. What you're trying to do is meta-programming. The "for" and $sformat won't expand at compile time. if you want to loop over all registers in a block, you need to use the get_registers(...) method. Pseudocode:


uvm_reg  my_regs[$];

my_block.get_registers(my_regs); // now 'my_regs' will contain all of the registers


// loop over all elements in queue

foreach (my_regs)


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When i used following logic.


uvm_reg my_reg[$];





my_reg.write (status, des_data, UVM_FRONTDOOR, this);



I get following warning and error.


Warning: Register block_obj.reg1 is not contained with in map 'my_r_seq' (called from write()).

Error: No transactor available to physically access registers on map 'my_r_seq'.

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