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UVM reg model access policy of registers

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A register doesn't have an access policy per se. It can have a certain level of access rights inside an address map. To get this, you have to use the get_reg_map_info(...) method of uvm_reg_map. Be aware that this method isn't part of the standard (the reference guide), but it is public inside the class (if you care about such things).


Here's a snippet (not tested):

uvm_reg_map_info info = my_map.get_reg_map_info(my_reg);
$display("Access rights for my_reg in my_map are ", info.rights);
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registers are rather "dumb" containers of register fields and there might not be a single access policy for a register. fields (uvm_reg_fields) carry most of the functionality in UVM_REG. in order to learn the access policy of the field you can query via somefield.get_access(map). since the effective access policy depends upon the uvm_reg_map used for a potential access you may pass the relevant map into the function as well.



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