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Type parametrization of uvm_analysis_imp

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I have a sequencer: 

class l3_ack_sequencer #(type REQ  = uvm_sequence_item) extends uvm_sequencer #(REQ);


    uvm_analysis_imp #(REQ, l3_ack_sequencer) generate_res;

    function new (string name, uvm_component parent);
        super.new(name, parent);
        generate_res = new("generate_ack", this);

    virtual function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
    virtual function void connect_phase(uvm_phase phase);

    // Generate ack
    virtual function void write(REQ item);

Then I declare a handle somewhere:

l3_ack_sequencer  #(core_l3q_ireq_tran) l3r_ireq;

Using Synopsys VCS I have an error:


Error-[iCTTFC] Incompatible complex type usage
.../l3_ack_sequencer.sv, 33
  Incompatible complex type usage in task or function call.
  The following expression is incompatible with the formal parameter of the 
  function. The type of the actual is 'class $unit::l3_ack_sequencer#(class 
  $unit::core_l3q_ireq_tran)', while the type of the formal is 'class 
  $unit::l3_ack_sequencer#(class uvm_pkg::uvm_sequence_item)'. Expression: 
  Source info: uvm_analysis_imp_8::new("generate_ack", this)


Can anyone help me to solve this problem or explain why it cant be solved?

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Alan's point is valid, you should use `uvm_component_param_utils to register parameterized components with the factory. I don't think this is the problem here however.


Try changing this line:

uvm_analysis_imp #(REQ, l3_ack_sequencer) generate_res;

to this:

uvm_analysis_imp #(REQ, l3_ack_sequencer #(REQ)) generate_res;

because what you've declared is an aport that binds to a l3_ack_sequencer #(uvm_sequence_item) (the default value of REQ).


Also, do you really need the parameterized sequencer? Do you plan on running multiple types of items on it? If not, then simplify your code by using a non-parameterized class:

class l3_ack_sequencer extends uvm_sequencer #(core_l3q_ireq_trans);
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