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Passing sequence_items from v-sequence to sub-sequence?

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Is there a way for a virtual sequence to pass a sequence_item (that it has already created) to a sub-sequence, say for instance to an agent sequence, without using a TLM?


I really would like to avoid adding a TLM to the agents sequencer if I can avoid it.

The sub-sequence would be invoked from the v-sequence by calling start().

The sequence_item is a potentially largish data structure so using the `uvm_do_on_with macro is a bit unwieldy.


I think I see a sneeky way to do it by using the parents mid_do() method, but haven't tried it yet and wondering if there's a more direct way I'm not seeing.


Thanks in advance. ;)

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Just use `uvm_create instead of `uvm_do. Create will create the sequence for you. Then you can assign the data structure--or anything else--to the sequence you've created. You can further randomize the sequence or perform any other manipulations you wish before calling `uvm_send on it.


For example:

my_seq_c my_seq;
my_seq.data = my_big_ol_data_array;
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