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How to call uvm_error from a static method?

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What is the recommended way to call UVM report functions and macros from a static method in a uvm_component?


Having the following code:

  static function static_check();
    `uvm_error("ID", "Something failed");

causes a compile error:

** Error: testbench.sv(15): (vlog-2888) Illegal to access non-static method 'uvm_report_enabled' from a static method.

Full example can be edited and run here: http://www.edaplayground.com/s/4/762


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in static contexts you have to use the macro set with the postfix "_context". while the normal macros will invoke <this>.uvm_report_xyz() and therefore require a non static context the _context macros will invoke <context>.uvm_report_xyz(). messages emitted with the _context version can be used in static contexts and provide the same functionality as-if the non-context version would have been invoked in context.


(an alternate use model for the _context macro version is to emit a message from a different place than what appears as the messages context. eg. you can print from within the driver BUT the context is showing as if the message was emitted by the agent)



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