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Wildcard in irun command line

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I am trying to change the verbosity of one of my agents from the command line using the +uvm_set_verbosity option.  The examples in the UVM user guide show this:


When I add this to the irun command I get an error:

irun: No match.

I found that I needed to escape the * with a \ to make this work



Is this a bug in irun?  Or do all simulators have an issue with wildcards and therefore this is a UVM documentation issue?

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that is a simple shell issue. the shell will expand the meta characters such as *,? ...  and pass the expanded result to the tool. the backslash simply tells the shell to avoid any expansion. unfortunately what is being expanded is shell dependent. you may work around with the following


- prefix with backslash

- put the whole argument into quotes '

- put the  argument subject to shell expansion into a .f file and -f include the file



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