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How to report bugs and enhancement requests for UVM

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If you are using UVM and you find a bug, there is a formal way to request a fix. The same applies for requesting enhancements. This is done through the eda.org mantis database for VIP. Before you read on, however, please understand that any issues cited on Mantis will be seriously scrutinized by the VIP TSC Accellera committee who owns the UVM. So please absolute due diligence is required to make sure you have a real bug or that your enhancement request will be seriously considered. One suggestion is to use these forums to open up the discussion _before_ submitting anything onto Mantis.

You can also use the VIP TSC reflector (mailing list) to post your issue for discussion. Just send your issue to vip-tc@lists.accellera.org and someone will answer it.

If you find out that there truly is a bug or that your enhancement request will benefit many users, then you’ll want to get it filed in the UVM Mantis database so that the committee can process it.

You can report the issue in one of four ways.

  • Send mail directly to someone you know in the VIP TSC who participates in the committee and ask that they file the issue for you. (Preferred method)
  • Send mail directly to the VIP co-chairs (Hillel Miller and Thomas Alsop) and ask them to file the issue.
  • Use this email address  vip-tc-chair@lists.accellera.org
  • Send mail to the reflector (vip-tc@lists.accellera.org) requesting that an issue be filed.

    You can get ‘reporter’ access to the VIP (UVM) Mantis DB. Just send me mail (thomas.r.alsop@intel.com) giving me your first & last name and email address and tell me that you would like ‘reporter’ access. I’ll set up a Mantis account for you and this will give you a username and password. From there you go to the Mantis site and enter the issue as described below. (Please use this last method if you plan on filing multiple issues over time).

Filing an issue in Mantis:

  • Click on the link called ‘UVM Bug Tracking’ on the UVMWorld.org main webpage (left hand panel) or use this direct link: http://www.eda.org/svdb/main_page.php
  • Log into Mantis with your reporter account.
  • Choose ‘Report Issue’ from the top panel and start filling out the Mantis form. Don’t worry about filling out all the fields, only fill out the following:
  • The Category: Choose either the base class library (BCL), the Reference Guide (RefGuide), or the UsersGuide depending on where the issue is located.
  • Severity and Priority: Should be obvious, you decide.
  • Product Version: At this time choose ‘1.0’ for enhancements or ‘1.0EA’ for bugs/errata/clarification
  • Fill out the Summary
  • Fill out the full Description of the issue.
  • Choose an issue Type: Errata (bug), Clarification, or Enhancement

Hit the ‘Submit Report’ button at the bottom of the page.

That’s it. The Accellera committee will periodically review all Mantis items and ensure they are dealt with appropriately. –Thomas Alsop (vip-tsc co-chair)

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Where do I find all the UVM bug reports? https://accellera.mantishub.io/my_view_page.php seems to be listing only the SystemVerilog workinggroup bugs.


Update: I just learned that the UVM Mantis bugs are hidden by default to the public (I wonder why!). You can see them only after you get a 'reporter' level account on the Accellera Mantishub. To do so, send an email to the email address listed in https://www.accellera.org/images/activities/committees/uvm/Reporting_bugs_and_enhancement_requests_for_UVM_2015.pdf  to get that "special" access (quoted "special" because I do not understand why bug reports should be made private.. it's understood that creating new bug reports requires some kind of account, but why need one when one wants to just read them).

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