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  1. +1 Where do I find all the UVM bug reports? https://accellera.mantishub.io/my_view_page.php seems to be listing only the SystemVerilog workinggroup bugs. Update: I just learned that the UVM Mantis bugs are hidden by default to the public (I wonder why!). You can see them only after you get a 'reporter' level account on the Accellera Mantishub. To do so, send an email to the email address listed in https://www.accellera.org/images/activities/committees/uvm/Reporting_bugs_and_enhancement_requests_for_UVM_2015.pdf to get that "special" access (quoted "special" because I do not u
  2. Here's the same example that can be directly run on EDA Playground: https://www.edaplayground.com/x/4Ydz
  3. Here is a minimal example to reproduce this bug: // Time-stamp: <2019-09-13 08:40:25 kmodi> // Original Author : Kaushal Modi // File Name : begin_time_end_time.sv // Description : Minimal reproducible example to show the issue with // begin_time and end_time of transactions begin of // time type instead of realtime. // Run command : For Cadence: // xrun -uvm -uvmhome CDNS-1.2 begin_time_end_time.sv // Command should be similar for other vendors. // *** Fix is to replace t
  4. Hello all, Today, I ended up in a situation where the transaction boxes in Cadence Simvision will not at the exact time where they were supposed to be. This resulted in a drift of the boxes represented in the waves. On looking closer, the box begin time happened only at 1ns resolution, whereas my agent package's resolution and even the default simulation timescale was 1ns/1ps. So I expected the boxes' begin times to be possible at 1ps resolution (not 1ns). Here are the prints from the uvm_info debug statements in my agent monitor: UVM_INFO @2832.523ns
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